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GoDaddy Website Builder Sucks

GoDaddy Website Builder You SuckSo you are trying to create your website yourself and you decided to use GoDaddy’s Website Builder program, how is that working out for you? How much time have you spent trying to get it the way you want? After falling for that “Get Started For Only $1” deal, how much have you really spent?

So how’s that website coming along? Are you still determine to do it yourself?

Frustrating right? Not as easy as they told you it would be and you still don’t have a website.

Face it you are not a web designer and the tools you are working with are far from complete.

Luckily you are not the only one that has fallen for this simple fix from GoDaddy, and the sooner you realize the limits of what you are working with the sooner you can get back on track and get the website you want up and running. Continue reading

Wix – You need a website. Why not do it yourself ?

Should You Use Wix For Your WebsiteSure, why not do it yourself that is a good question. Well, what exactly do you know about building a web page that will look good and function well? It is pretty safe to say that if you need a website, you need it for a reason and chances are making a website for your business, career or some other reason and you want your website to be successful.

What do you know about setting up everything you need such as a URL / Domain, Hosting and email accounts?

It takes more than just clicking a button to set up and manage all your account settings for your website so be warned.

What do you know about website coding and programming?

If you are unfamiliar with website coding and programming you will have some problems getting your web pages to look and work the way you would like them to. 

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Keeping Up With What Is Going On With Search Engines

Help With Search EnginesTime and time again we are asked “How do I get my website on the 1st page of Google?” Trust us when we say we wish their was a simple answer and solution to this recurring issue.

The one thing people fail to realize is that search engines are constantly changing or “improving” and do little to share the nature and timing of the revisions they make. Another consideration is the fact that key people come and go and the focus changes from one issue to the next.

‘GoogleGuy’ Matt Cutts Leaves Google, Will Continue with the US …

Google Executive to Lead US Digital Service in Trump Era

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Not All WordPress Plugins Do What You Think They Should Do

Help With WordPress PluginsThere are thousands of Plugins available for WordPress that you can install and use on your website. Understanding what you are installing and what the Plugin will do to your website is very important and you want to be very careful.

One of our clients decided to clean up their website and found a Plugin WordPress Database Reset and installed it and ran it, wow what a huge mistake that was. The client thought it would wipe the slate clean and they could start over with fresh start. Instead it did a bit more than they thought and locked them out their website and WordPress Dashboard.

We tried to help them only to find out they failed to have any backups of the website and or database. Trying to explain the details of what they did and the importance of backing up the files took a bit of effort and understanding.

The general rule is if you don’t fully understand what you are doing or about to do, you should STOP!!!!

Avoid the pain and frustration of learning the hard way and talk with someone that can explain what your options are and the best way to achieve the result you are looking for.

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Do You Think Godaddy Sucks? You’re Not Alone

Think Twice About Hosting Your Website With GodaddyIf you have wasted countless hours on the phone with Godaddy Help Desk and feel that they weren’t much help you are not alone. Many have been there and are left with more questions than answers. Others fall for the numerous up sells they offer (ie. SiteLock) which is fine but does nothing to fix the actual problem you may be having with your website.

Having to work on multiple websites for clients, we get the opportunity to see a variety of hosting accounts but when it comes to working with a Godaddy account for a customer we never know what to expect when we log in to start working on / fixing a website.

From one hosting account to the next on Godaddy the options and tools available seem to vary and when we talk to the customer about the amount of money they are spending we are shocked as to how much they are spending and how little they are getting in return.

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