Working with Images & Photoshop

Images and Photoshop

Knowing how to edit photos and create images in Photoshop takes a little practice.

Using logos, images and photos on your website is pretty much a given. Knowing how to size, optimize, format and edit images is all part of creating and designing a web page.

Finding the right tool for you is important if you hope to get things done the right way. There are a significant amount of image editing software choices out there ranging from really basic to having everything you would ever want in one software program.

One of the programs everyone has heard of is PhotoShop by Adobe. Everyone is eager to get their hands on a copy and get started. Ask anyone you know that has tried PhotoShop and you will find out it is just not that easy.

Here’s why… PhotoShop is the industry standard and is used by professional designers and artist. It was created for those who have used it 8 hours a day for years and have a design background.

Unless you have art or design training you will have a difficult time relating to the menus and options you will find in PhotoShop. There are no wizards or guides and despite its name, it is capable of doing a lot more than just editing photos. A photo is nothing more than a element than can be edited in number of ways.

How do you explain PhotoShop? PhotoShop is software designed to serve a wide range of professionals and offers just about every tool any artist could want in every way possible. Each artist has their own style or way they create. Here is a simple example, I have used PhotoShop since version 3.0, the first version to work on a PC. I have had to do numerous projects using this software for a wide range of request. In PhotoShop, there are many ways you can create a simple shape or line. One of the options is using the brush, pencil or pen tool. I have worked with PhotoShop for well over 20 years and I have never used the pencil option.

Point being… PhotoShop is very powerful and using this software you need to understand that there are a lot of menu options that you probably will never use.

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