Website Speed & Performance

Website SpeedThe speed of you website can have a direct effect on your website’s success.

Website speed is very important for two reasons:

Technology changes daily and the variety of devices being used are rapidly growing. If a website is running slow on a desktop, rest assure your site will load significantly slower on a tablet or cell phone. Visitors will quickly get discouraged and move on to your competition. It is extremely important for your information to load quickly and efficiently.

In the internet world today, search engines will rank your website based on an algorithm containing many factors. Website speed is now being used as a ranking factor. In order to maintain or help increase your rankings, a fast loading website is a must.

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The main culprit to slow loading websites is image size and lack of compression. If your images are not compressed properly, you are adding wasted weight to your website. Other bottlenecks such as improper coding, scripting issues, server issues and many other factors may also be affecting your website’s performance.

If your website is not loading on desktops within 3 seconds you most likely will lose customer interest and miss out on better search engine rankings. Our services will help improve your website speed moving you up the ranks and satisfying your customers.

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