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Hosting Support Arizona

Having the right website host can make all the difference, what options you have and how you set it up is important.

Beware. Not all hosting providers are the same and it is not always about cost. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. In our experience, selecting a host is a very important step in setting up and having a website. Don’t be won over by the offer. What am I really getting and is it enough? Many hosting companies (GD) will get you with the deal and later up sell you other features and abilities.

Hosting packages vary in many ways but generally are available 3 ways:

Shared Hosting –  This is the most basic and common offering and is just as the title implies your website resides on a server with other hosting accounts. Depending on who and how that server is managed can make all the difference when it comes to website performance and security.

VPS – A Virtual Private Server, this is the next level up and offers more power and functionality but also requires you to know a little about managing a server. Unlike Shared Hosting the support you will get for a VPS account is limited and it is up to you to maintain your account.

Dedicated Server – This is the top rung as far as hosting and as the title implies you get a dedicated server to host your website. You get a machine and it is up to you to set it up from start to finish. The only support you get is that the computer is on and connect. You really need to know what you are doing if you are running a dedicated server.

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