Plugin & Configuration Assistance

Plugins can do a variety of things and all need to be set up to work the way you want.

Plugin and Configuration

Extending the functionality of your website can sometimes be done by adding and installing a Plugin. A plugin is a block of code that you can place on your site that performs a separate function on your web page.

Some are easy to place and adjust while others may require you to edit code in order to get the look, layout and functionality you want.

Both Joomla and WordPress have the ability to add and configure Plugins and there are 100’s to pick from if you know what it is your are looking for and hoping to accomplish. Like anything else, some plugins are well thought out with great functionality while others are simple and limited in options. The level of support also varies from one to the next.

The reason for this is easy to understand. Many plugin developers will just share the plugin with you and allow you to use it freely. To what length they will go to support it is up to them. Many of them think if you know enough to get this far you should be able to figure it out on your own with little guidance from them. It was free!

Other plugin developers will charge or sell their plugin for you to use on your website. They tend to take support a bit more seriously because you paid for it. There are two ways they can sell their plugin. The first way is out right, one fee, here it is, go. The second way is through a subscription. They will support you and give you updates as long as your dues are paid and are in good standing.

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