Joomla Users

Joomla Users

Understanding how to set up Joomla Users is important.

As the administrator of your Joomla website you can create multiple users that can have various levels of access and rights on both the front end, back end or both of your website. Joomla User roles can be defined by group or individual user and can allow them to or deny them access or rights.

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Here are the User Groups that come with Joomla. Additional groups can be setup as you would like.

Front-end Groups


  • View public site and public articles


  • Guest Group privileges
  • View registered articles


  • Registered Group privileges
  • Create new articles
  • Edit articles they own
  • View special content


  • Author Group privileges
  • Edit all articles, including unpublished ones


  • Editor Group privileges
  • Publish articles

Back-end Groups

These groups allow you to log into the Administrator Back-end via the sitename/administrator URL.


  • Publisher Group privileges
  • Access Administrator Back-end


  • Manager Group privileges
  • Create new users
  • Install extensions


  • Administrator privileges
  • Change site template
  • Change global configuration

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