Joomla Articles

Joomla Articles

Pages are created by using Articles in Joomla

You can create your Joomla Articles in a number of ways. Joomla comes with the JCE editor which is a simple editor that will allow to format your text, place images, create links and other basic format functions. You can also switch to code view if you link coding your pages.

There are other editors you can install and use in Joomla so you can find the one you like and use it.

As you are creating your article you should review all the sub tabs and see all the options you have for a single article.

The one thing Joomla wants you to do when saving an article is to place it in a Category. If you don’t, it will leave it  as not categorized. Take the time and create Categories so you can organize your content. Remember Joomla is a Content Management System so manage your content.

Joomla is big on Categories as you will see, just about every screen has a Category option on it.

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